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An exclusive social networking platform for the Restaurateurs of Petpooja

People from the restaurant industry gain loads of experience while setting up their business and successfully growing it. But, there is no channel or platform where they can share their knowledge with others. Restaurateurs often feel the dearth of networking, which could otherwise solve half their problems.

There are Whatsapp chats and Facebook groups, but they come with their own problems.

Problems on Whatsapp

No Parallel Discussions

Restricted group size

Flooded with unnecessary messages

Problems on Facebook

No screening of members

Spam messages & Sales pitches

No topic bifurcation

So, Petpooja has designed an exclusive platform for all its restaurant partners, where only verified restaurateurs can join.

No suppliers.

No marketing agencies.

No non-restaurant people.

This is your private social network to converse, discuss topics, ask questions and share information with other like-minded & experienced people from the restaurant industry.

Community Bazar

Want to sell your old kitchen equipment? Or want to buy equipment or utensils at affordable rates but from reliable sources?

Then Petpooja Community Bazar is your one-stop marketplace. Here, you can directly post your requirements or selling list, and the interested community members will reach out to you to fulfill your requirement. No more hassle of dealing with false leads or numerous calls from merchant suppliers.

And you can use the Community Bazar service absolutely free! Zero hidden charges. Zero platform fee.

What more can you do in the Petpooja Community?

Post photos/videoss

Direct Messages

Join or create group

Share reviews

Conduct question polls

Discuss F&B industry news

Follow topics of interest

Respond to queries by others

Share Achievements & Experiences

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