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Brew higher profits with an easy-to-operate POS

Bars have very distinctive needs from their POS, like customized billing, separate KOT, alcohol stock management, etc. - and we take care of them all!

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Key Features for your Bar & Brewery


Multi-terminal billing

Large outlets require multiple billing stations to handle billing and KOT generation. With Petpooja, you can operate your POS from multiple stations, at no extra cost. All terminals stay in sync, with sequential bill numbers, allowing you to make a KOT from one terminal and print it’s bill from another.


Multi KOT printers

Your outlet may have separate food and alcohol areas. It may also have separate bar setups for different alcohols. With Petpooja, you can set up category-wise KOT printing, so your food KOTs go to the kitchen, the beer orders go to the station near the fridge and the ‘on the rocks’ order is printed at the bar.


Waiter calling system

Don’t all the guests want refills as soon as they take the last sip from their glass? But, due to the loud music or high rush the waiters may often miss some service calls. In such a scenario you don’t want guests struggling to find a waiter or create any ruckus.

With Petpooja’s Waiter Calling system, your guests can call the server at the touch of a button, without having to scream to call for waiters. The waiters are automatically notified of any service call from customers either on their order-taking tablets or directly at the POS.


Alcohol inventory management

Good Quality alcohol is expensive. And it makes a good chunk of your margins. You don’t want even the slightest wastage in this category. Petpooja’s Inventory Management System ensures that you can keep a complete track of your alcohol inventory, ensuring that even the remaining quarter of that Bombay Sapphire is accounted for.


Happy hours and combos

You run various offers to entice guests to come in at certain times, offering half prices or ‘3 for 2’ offers. With Petpooja, you can ensure that your servers don’t spend time accounting for the free drinks. With configurable happy hours and combos, we can create any customization you can think of.


Area-wise menus

Bars generally serve Sheesha only in the outdoor spaces. Also, pricing for different seating areas may be different. With Petpooja Area-wise menus, you can maintain separate menus for each area, allowing you to only allow certain items in defined areas as well as allowing you to manage different prices in different areas.


Waiter performance reporting

Your wait-staff can make or break your bar. A good server can upsell those branded liquors, lure more “biting” orders and can also preemptively ask for the drinks to be refilled, increasing the average order value. Petpooja’s reporting allows you to reward those waiters for their service, and help you in retaining the best talent at your outlet.


Customized billing (grouping by food/liquor, split bills)

Your customers may want to split the bill in different ways - equal split among friends, or may want to pay individually for what they have consumed. Customers may also want a food and alcohol split in the bill. With Petpooja, you can split and categorize the bill in a number of ways, allowing your customers to not fight over who pays the bill.

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