Fine Dine

Re-fine your dine-in experience

Petpooja’s Desktop Billing Software allows your biller to manage high order volumes with ease

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Key Features for your Fine-Dine


Captain Ordering App

Allow your waiter to take orders and payment right on the table with Petpooja’s Captain Ordering App. With less time spent running around the restaurant to take orders, your staff can now focus more on delighting your customer.


Single Dashboard Tracking

Track what’s happening in your restaurant in real-time, all from a single dashboard. Get a complete view of running tables, inventory, and orders, allowing you to make real-time decisions that can significantly improve the service quality.


Inventory Stock Reporting

It’s painful when you have to deny a customer a menu item because you are out of stock. It’s also wise to keep a tight check on those expensive raw materials. Petpooja’s Inventory Management System allows you to keep close tabs on your inventory and make sure you never go out of stock at crucial times.


Table Management

A large group walks in, and your staff hustles together to merge two tables to accommodate them. Now you need a single order for essentially two tables. No Sweat! With Petpooja’s POS, merge, move and split tables with ease.


Split Bills

Two people ordered drinks on a table of 4 and now want to split the bill? With Petpooja’s POS, you can split bills by items, percentages or fixed amounts, so your customers can pay for only what they ordered.


Employee Reporting

Your wait-staff are essentially salespersons for your restaurant. Sales done right can significantly impact your profits. See who your best performing waiters are based on average check size, items sold and more, allowing you to reward good performance.

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