Food-Courts & Canteens

Centralized Billing desk for multiple food counters

Petpooja’s PoS allows your food-court or canteen to manage payment collection at a centralized desk while customers can place orders at any counter.

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Key Features for your Food-Court


Customer account top-up & redemption (Cashier’s Desk)

Now your outlet can work on a smooth credit-flow system too. Customers can recharge their card/wallet by paying the amount upfront, then they can order and pay for their food directly from this card/wallet at the counter. Once finished, customers can redeem the remaining balance or use it on their future visits. This entire order and cash flow can be managed seamlessly with Petpooja’s Food-court module.


QR-code based ordering & top-ups

After hours of shopping, your customer would surely not like to walk again to each food counter for ordering and collecting their dishes. Instead, with Petpooja QR-code Ordering System, you can give your customers the valuable feature of ordering and paying for their food, from any desired counter, directly on their table.


Royalty Management

Petpooja’s reports give mall managers a complete overview of the business at individual outlets. This allows mall operators to determine the royalty or licensing amount to be charged to each brand. We also have integrations with leading mall management systems, allowing mall operators to get data via API into their systems.


Online Order Integrations

You don’t need to manage multiple apps to operate on aggregators. With Petpooja, your online orders (Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo, Amazon, etc.) land directly on the PoS and a bill is printed at the click of a button. You can also manage your entire menu on the aggregators from the PoS, ensuring single screen operations for all online aggregators.

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