Ice-Cream & Dessert shops

Our Billing POS will give you a sugar rush!

Quick billing ensures that your staff spends more time scooping ice-creams and cutting cake slices rather than making bills.

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Key Features for your Ice-Cream shops


Item expiry monitoring

You sell fresh products - fresh ice-creams, fresh cakes and fresh mithais. But freshness also comes with quick expiration. With Petpooja’s expiry date monitoring, you can input the expiry date when you get the item in the store and the system alerts you when those items are about to expire, ensuring that you only serve the freshest food.


Stock Management with low stock alerts

It’s fairly common when a customer goes to an ice-cream store and they are out of the Double Chocolate Chip Caramel Waffle Cone. But you don’t want that to happen with your store! With so many SKUs, it becomes difficult to keep a track of all the inventory in the store. Fret not, with Petpooja’s stock alerts, you will automatically be alerted when you are running out of a particular product, ensuring that what’s on the menu, is always in stock.


Variations and Add-ons

Your customers always look for options to customize their ice-creams. Let them customize to their heart’s content while you bill them for what they ask. A large chocolate scoop with a medium vanilla scoop drizzled with sprinkles and some strawberry jam coming right up!


Warehouse Management with Route Plan

You get fresh delivery from your central kitchen or warehouse every morning. With Petpooja, you can manage complete stock at your central warehouse, as well as generate a route plan with information on items to be dropped off at each different location.

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