Our POS helps you bake your sales like a yummy cake!

Petpooja POS handles all the operational hassles for your outlet while you create magic in those ovens.

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Key Features for your Bakery


Advanced Ordering

Generally the big birthday cakes or orders for large events are to be taken in advance because finishing them on the same day can be an impossible task. With Petpooja’s advance order feature, you can accept orders in advance, and the system reminds you at a preset time before dispatch about the order, ensuring that you have ample time to add the finishing touches!


Website Ordering

Getting hurt by aggregator commissions? Finding it difficult to manage seasonal and special items on aggregators?

With Petpooja’s website, you get your personalized identity where customers can browse your special & seasonal offerings, place their orders and pay directly through your website.


Online ordering integrations

To operate on aggregators, you have multiple tabs open simultaneously. When an order comes in, you first accept it on the aggregator app or website, and then copy it onto the system to print the bill. With Petpooja, the order lands directly on the POS from where you can accept it at the click of a button. You can also manage your menu on the aggregators from POS, so you don’t get orders for items that are out of stock.


Central Kitchen Management

You run a central kitchen that refills the stock at your outlet during the day. This involves managing production and stock at the Central Kitchen as well as delivering it to the outlets. With Petpooja, you can manage raw material stock levels, monitor item conversion costs and make a route plan for delivery - all on a single dashboard, at no additional cost!

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