Feedback What is it?

Petpooja’s Feedback Service allows you to take feedback from all your customers using either

An app installed on a tablet for taking feedback of dine-in customers.

A SMS link sent to the customers, where they can give feedback at their leisure

A Scan-and-feedback feature for quicker accessibility


A successful brand experience for a customer is built mainly on 2 pillars - happy customers & a satisfactory response to any negative feedback. Although getting feedback from customers is necessary but it is a very tough task, because

Customers may be reluctant in giving critical feedback on your face and would rather just avoid revisiting the restaurant

Once the bill is paid, customers just want to leave without waiting to fill up a long feedback form


With Petpooja Feedback App and SMS combo, you can take feedback in an easy and non-intrusive way from your customers. The app allows you to take on-spot feedback from dine-in customers while the SMS link allows you to take feedback from customers who order delivery or pickup or who don’t want to sit at the table and fill the form.


Customizable questions & fields

Collect customer details including birthday, anniversary, etc.

App works on any android device

Using QR code feedback, get contact details of Zomato-Swiggy customers

Automated SMS with feedback link sent to customers

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