Real-time Simplified Reporting

With Petpooja, you don’t need to open 10 reports to know how your restaurant is doing. You get the complete picture at a single glance!

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Single Dashboard monitoring

As an owner, you need to switch between multiple dashboards - your POS for dine-in sales, another one for sales from QR codes, Zomato/Swiggy for aggregator sales and your website provider. With Petpooja’s integrations, all your data is available on a single dashboard, giving you a comprehensive view of what’s happening in your restaurant in real-time.


Comprehensive Tax Reporting

Taxes always remain a pain-point for any business owner. But with Petpooja’s comprehensive tax reports you don’t have to worry about collecting data from multiple sources, you get tax reports for all your outlets from a single click. You just have to worry about paying them.


Web and App

Petpooja’s Dashboard is accessible on a computer as a webpage or an app. The app works on both Android as well as iOS, ensuring that no matter what device you use, no matter where you are, you can always monitor your restaurant with ease.


Head-office module with Zones

When you have multiple outlets, monitoring them individually becomes a task. Petpooja Head Office module included with the subscription, allows you to get sales information of all outlets on a single screen. Plus, you can also create Zones based on regions, cities or channels, giving you the information you want at your fingertips eg Zomato sales for the Western Region.


User rights management

With Petpooja, you have complete control over what your staff sees. You can define roles for individual users and assign rights, for both - the admin panel and the billing app. Bill Modification Rights, Rights to view each report, Cash drawer operation rights - all can be tightly controlled giving you centralized control over your outlet’s operations.


Set Automatic Email Reports

Forgot to check today’s report? No worries, we have you covered. With Petpooja Email Reports, you can define which reports you want on your email at what time of the day.


Anti-fraud reporting (order cancellations, bill modifications, bill reprint)

Fraud is a problem that has plagued the F&B industry. Fake Order Cancellations, Bill modifications after printing, bill reprinting - all of these can lead to fraud. With Petpooja User Rights as well as anti-fraud reports, you can take prompt action on any possible fraudulent activities by your staff.

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