It’s never been easier to Manage Inventory

With Petpooja, you can complete your stock-keeping in under 15 minutes, giving your staff no reason to skip inventory time.

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Central Kitchen Module

With Petpooja’s Central Kitchen module, you can manage stock at your central hub. You can raise stock requests to your kitchen as well as monitor raw material conversion to semi-prepared items - all included in the basic POS subscription.


Raw Material Management

Create purchase orders, enter inward stock receipts, manage stock transfers and add wastage, essentially giving you a full view of the entire supply chain.


Multi-stage Recipe

Petpooja’s POS allows you to configure recipes into the software, and automatically deduct the correct amount of raw materials upon billing for an item. The system is flexible enough to incorporate multi-stage recipes, allowing you to manage even semi-prepared items.


Live Food-cost report

Get live cost of any food items that you sell, based on the FIFO inventory model for raw materials that are consumed in the process. Now you can adjust your menu prices to account for any fluctuations in raw material prices.


Minimum stock alerts

Your outlet needs to have a minimum amount of stock at any point of time to manage a sudden influx of orders. Ensure that you never run out of key ingredients with configurable alerts that let you know when your stock is about to be depleted.


Purchase Order Management

Raise purchase orders to suppliers or your central kitchen directly from the dashboard. Automatically populate frequently ordered items from each supplier as well as manage any stock dispatch for a particular PO.


Inventory App

Day-end inventory is a chore. Your stockist first writes it on paper, transfers it to excel and then uploads it. With Petpooja’s inventory app, your daily stock is done in a matter of minutes. Just select the item being weighed and enter the reading. The data gets automatically synced to Petpooja’s cloud.

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