Serve that morning coffee with a smile!

Our POS is the perfect partner to your barista - helping them take orders quickly, serve custom orders, remember regular customer orders, and much more.

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Key Features for your Cafe


Quick billing

Everyone is on a schedule, racing to get their morning coffees. The baristas not only have to punch orders but also have to actually make the coffees. No worries! Petpooja’s POS allows you to punch orders with speed and ease, ensuring that your customers don’t get late for their morning meetings.


Station-wise KOTs

Your food and beverage stations are different. The KOTs shouldn’t have to be the same. Petpooja’s POS prints the correct KOTs at the correct counter, ensuring that your staff doesn’t have to shout out orders to the kitchen.


Item Variations and add-ons

Your customer wants a large cappuccino? How about an additional shot of espresso for the extra caffeine kick.

With Petpooja, your customers can configure their coffees, teas, other beverages, and food items as desired, all while you ensure that they pay for what they demand.


Inventory management for baked goods

Yesterday’s croissants are today’s junk and you don’t want to serve those to your customers. Ensure that expiry of baked goods and wastage are measured, allowing you to make correct decisions about ordering new supplies to serve the freshest breads.


Online-aggregator integrations

You don’t want your regulars to wait while you punch in that online order into the POS. With Petpooja’s Aggregator Integrations, your Zomato, Swiggy and other orders land directly on the POS, with bill and KOT printed on a single click, allowing you to easily cater to multiple channels simultaneously.


Customer Analytics

Raj has the same masala chai with toast every morning.

Now wouldn’t it be nice if your servers could just ask him “want the usual Raj?”. With Petpooja’s customer history and analytics, keep a track on your loyal customers and what they order, offering them a more personalized experience.


Employee performance tracking

Social skills are the key to being a successful barista. Good servers significantly impact your average order values, upselling add-ons or accompaniments to customers. With Petpooja, keep a track of your best performing staff, along with being able to reward them for their skills.

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